Why Use JSMDF?

Why Use JSMDF?

by | 25 Oct 2022 | News

How you borrow money from your financial institution plays an important role in the livelihood of your healthcare practice from day one. But what about responsible lending?

As a financial institution operating in the healthcare industry for the last 21 years, JS Medical & Dental Finance provides commercial financing and personal loans to our clients. We believe that the responsibility of securing a quality loan shouldn’t rest on the shoulders of the borrower alone. We make lending easy by helping our clients in the healthcare industry navigate the banking process with confidence while keeping their best interests in mind.

Risk Less, Gain More

When it comes to securing capital to start or expand your practice, you want to minimise as much risk as possible concerning your loan. To help our clients become better borrowers, we like to remind them about adverse selection and moral hazards and how these impact the quality of a loan:

  • Adverse Selection:Agreements in any lending contract begin with mutual trust between the lender and borrower. Adverse selection occurs when a borrower withholds information about the nature of their loan offers and any risks involving the money they’ve acquired.
  • Moral Hazard: Moral hazard occurs when the borrower makes changes in how they use their income after the time of loan origination.

At JS Medical & Dental Finance, we believe in building positive financial relationships with all of our clients. Our financial experts take the time to understand your needs and help you secure financing, whether it’s for business expenses or a personal home loan. We prioritise transparency and honesty while working with you to avoid adverse selection and moral hazards from causing issues down the line.

JS Medical & Dental Finance: Specialising in Financing for Healthcare Workers

With JS Medical & Dental Finance, you become a better borrower while securing a loan that best suits your needs. We specialise in healthcare financing, so you know you’re working with knowledgeable experts who take the time to understand your practice needs. Whether you’re looking to consolidate debt, improve your credit score, or maximise credit card offers for your practice, our financial consultants can help.

We also specialise in:

  • Lowering your origination fee and maximising loan amounts
  • Budgeting income and improving your financial portfolio
  • Equipment financing
  • Personal home loans and personal auto loans

Become a More Responsible Borrower with Lending You Can Trust

Make the best decisions for your new practice. Call the financial experts at JS Medical & Dental Finance at 1300 829 134 today!

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