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Healthcare Equipment Finance

The amount of competition in the healthcare field has exploded. If your practice can’t keep up with the speed of innovation, patients will go elsewhere. Upgrading the equipment in your practice shows clients that you care about your business.

Let’s simplify the upgrade process to implement a new standard of quality across your entire healthcare practice.

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Benefits of Healthcare Equipment Financing

Easy Repayment Schedule
Let’s identify a payment plan that works with you, not against you. Through simple, easy, streamlined payment rescheduling, we’ll deliver the equipment financing solution that brings the most value to your business.
Refinance Options Available
Let’s say that you just purchased some expensive equipment and are looking for a refinance solution. We have you covered. The JS Medical & Dental finance team can help lower your payments, reduce interest rates, and bring an overall stress-free touch to things.
Your Solution For Industry Excellence

Keep Your Practice Up To Date

The speed of innovation waits for no one. Staying at the forefront of medical advancements is how you’ll remain competitive. Keeping your healthcare practice equipped with the advanced technologies that clients desire is your path to growth. Let us help you find it.