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Simplified Fitout Financing

Do you have a specific vision for a certain design or touch of style you want your patients to experience? Let’s work out the perfect fitout financing package that includes everything from walls to carpet and beyond.

Elevate the healthcare experience for your patients to cultivate a culture of quality, trust, and ingenuity.

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Benefits of Fitout Financing

Seamless Supplier Coordination
A JS Medical & Dental, we make things easier on you by coordinating with suppliers to facilitate payments and ensure the rapid and speedy fitout of your healthcare practice. Giving you more time to focus on the important things is why we do what we do.
Delayed Repayments

Don’t worry about making payments until construction has finished. With a convenient delayed repayment plan, you can concentrate on getting the right fitout before your payments begin.

Only Use What You Need

You will only ever be charged interest on the amount of funds that you actually use. If the total amount financed is larger than the cost of your fitout, we’ll adjust your finance package to only reflect the amount used during the fitout process.

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Reimagine The Perfect Practice

Start to imagine how your dream healthcare practice will look and feel. Reimagine the possibilities when you have the JS Medical & Dental Finance team standing behind you every step of the way.