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Flexible Commercial Property Finance

Build The Practice of Your Dreams

Searching for the right commercial property for your healthcare practice is a big moment. Take this time to think about how working with the right commercial property finance company can add value to your business in the long run.

Through a simplified, and streamlined approach, we’ll help minimise stress and maximise the quality of care you bring to patients.

Find The Perfect Location, Or Build It

Benefits of Commercial Property Finance

Up to 100% of the purchase price
Get financed for up to 100% of your commercial property value. By specialising in offering our partners the best financing package possible, we open the doors to securing the perfect commercial property for your new or existing healthcare practice.
Lines of credit available
We can also help accommodate you with a line of credit that allows you to look beyond acquiring a commercial property and also having some operating expenses available. Talk with one of our commercial property finance specialists to uncover how much credit we can empower you with.
SMSF Lending

Getting finance for a property under your self managed super fund can be confusing and costly. Allow JS medical and Dental finance to look at different options with lenders on what is available.

Commercial Property Investment

Get Finance for your next commercial property investment. JS Medical and Dental Finance will look at the options for your next investment and consider rates, fees and the structure to suit your goals.

Uncover A Customized Solution

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Through a simplified 15-year commercial property loan, you can enjoy the comfort and peace of mind of knowing that you have time to grow. Working with our team to bring the right to commercial property loan solution to the table delivers ultimate flexibility for you and your practice.After 21 years in the business, we understood that not all healthcare practices are the same. Whether you are in the dental, medical, or other specialised healthcare market, we can bring a customised solution to the table that works best.